Wake Forest Fellows

AS PART OF the Strategic Plan and its emphasis on the importance of mentoring, the Wake Forest Fellows Program was created to provide recent graduates a chance to work in higher administration in a year-long position as full-time staff members of the University. Established by the President’s Office in 2008, the program provides challenging work opportunities in a variety of offices across campus.

In addition to a year-long assignment in a particular department of the university, each Fellow has opportunities to interact with key administrators and faculty; to learn about various administrative areas of the university; and to participate in a series of leadership lunches and enrichment activities with leaders in the Wake Forest and larger Winston-Salem community.

“My advice is simple: work hard, hone your skills, learn about yourself, and about people different than yourself. Remain flexible, keep learning, seek out mentors, and be vigilant for opportunities.” President Nathan O. Hatch

Upcoming Applicant Forum

Interested in applying to become a 2021 Wake Forest Fellow after you graduate?

To help students finalize the decision to apply and prepare application materials, all interested seniors are invited to the Fellows Applicant Forum. Due to current circumstances, the date for this forum has not been set. However, check this web page for continued updates and further information. 

The application will close just one week after the forum, so you won’t want to miss this final opportunity to connect with the Fellows, gather more information, ask questions, and determine whether the Wake Forest Fellows Program is right for you.

This forum traditionally gives a more detailed understanding of the projects and day-to-day experiences of each of the current Fellows, as well as the Fellows’ relationships with supervisors and mentors. Program coordinators and HR representatives will also be available to answer your questions.

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